Boys Varsity Wrestling · Wrestling schedule for the week of 2/5/18

Monday 02/05/18:  
Warm Up & Lift 2:45- 3:30 PM
Practice 3:30- 5:00 PM

Tuesday 02/06/18:  Practice 3:00- 4:45/ 5:00 PM

Wednesday 02/07/18:  Practice 3:00- 4:30 PM (GRADE SHEET DUE!!!)

Thursday 02/08/18:  Tri Meet vs. Lakewood and John Adams
Bus Departs NHS @ 4 PM
JV (if applicable) @ 6 PM 
Normandy vs. John Adams
Lakewood vs. John Adams
Normandy vs. Lakewood
What to bring to TRI MEET:
Bring nutritional  food prior to match -Cereal/Juices/Fruit/Fruit bars
Wrestling items to bring:   Headgear, shoes, extra socks, Knee pads, Black NORMANDY WRESTLING Sweatshirt, RUDIS SHORTS.
This is Lakewood’s Senior Night, times could vary for beginning of dual

Friday 02/09/18: Practice 3:00- 4:30 PM

Saturday 02/10/18: GLC Tournament @ Parma Senior High School
Arrive at Parma Senior High School and 8:00 AM (DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY- THEIR BUILDING WILL NOT BE OPEN).
Weigh Ins 8 AM
Wrestling Begins at 10 AM
Estimated Completion 4 PM