Multiple Teams · Invader Responsible Restart: What You Need to Know!

Monday,  June 8 PCSD we will slowly reopen Normandy High School to our athletic teams. Our coaches have been trained by University Hospital doctors in COVID19 prevention measures. The following procedures must be followed by all athletes and coaches.

  1.  All athletes must update and sign all forms in Final Forms. If forms are not complete with digital signatures of both athlete and parents, athletes will be sent home.  Make sure you register for the school & teams you plan to participate with.
  2. Before leaving to attend a training session athletes and coaches must self scan for Covid 19 symptoms  – if you have any symptoms let your coach know and stay home. You must have a doctor’s release to return to training.
  3. Coaches will wear a mask at all times – athletes are encouraged to wear one. We understand there will be high intense training segments that will require the removal of the mask.
  4. Athletes must provide their own water bottle or jug.  All water fountains will be turned off and coolers will not be provided.
  5. Athletes must park in the rear parking lot. Your coach will meet you outside the gym entrance to check for symptoms.  Do not enter the building until you have been checked.  Maintain social distance while waiting to be checked.  If you have a high fever (over 100) or any symptoms you will be sent home.  You may return to training with a doctor’s release.
  6. Normandy Athletics will provide hand sanitizer, wipes, and spray.  Every piece of equipment that is used will be sanitized daily.
  7. Athletes will only work with their assigned group in the assigned area.  Locker rooms are currently closed.
  8. There is limited access to our athletic trainer – the training room is for injured athletes only.  If you need to see Tessa- please contact her to set up an appointment.
  9. Training sessions are scheduled to avoid teams overlapping. Every session will end on time.
  10. Athletes will exit through the doors nearest the Training Room. We ask that all athletes leave campus immediately following the conclusion of the training session.