Boys Junior Varsity Football, Girls Junior Varsity Fall Sideline Cheer · 10/17 JV Football and Cheer Ticket/ Spectator Information

There will be no charge for spectators at the JV Football Game at Buckeye on Saturday.  The game begins at 10 AM on Saturday.





Before Arriving to Edwin M. Steingass Stadium

  • All spectators must conduct a daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessment before arriving at Edwin M. Steingass Stadium.
  • Anyone experiencing any symptoms must remain home.

Ticket Allocations:

  • Visiting School will be allocated 2 tickets per family. 

Arriving to Edwin M. Steingass Stadium:

  • Spectators should not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to the game.
  • Visitor spectators will enter the stadium at the ticket booth closest to the visitor bleachers.
  • When in line to redeem tickets, please remain socially distanced at all times.
  • All spectators must have a mask on to enter Edwin M. Steingass Stadium (per ODH order, face masks must be worn at all times).
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the ticket gate for spectors upon arrival if they like.
  • Spectators may not congregate in common areas; please proceed immediately to your seats.
  • Please follow the pathways up/down as marked.


During the Game:

  • Seating at Edwin M. Steingass Stadium has been marked off following the guidelines of the ODH order for required social distancing.  The rows/areas marked are closed (removal of seat markings will lead to spectators being asked to leave the premises).
  • Spectators are asked to maintain social distancing when utilizing restroom facilities or visiting the concession stand.
  • Please practice good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette at all times.


  • Concessions will follow all state of Ohio protocols for restaurants and bars.

At the Conclusion of the Game:

  • Spectators are to immediately exit the stadium at the conclusion of the game.
  • Spectators will exit on the home or visitor side of the stadium.
  • Spectators may not congregate in common areas; please proceed immediately to your vehicles.
    • Spectators will not be permitted to remain in the stadium to wait for players.  Parents remaining to drive their athlete home will need to wait in their vehicle.


The OHSAA will be sending site inspectors during contests this fall. Failure to follow the Ohio Department of Health’s guidelines may/can lead to forfeiture of contests. PLEASE, help keep our season going by doing your part and most importantly, help keep our community and athletes safe.  Failure to follow site guidelines may lead to removal from the facility without refund and potential for not being permitted to attend remaining games during the 2020 season.  Thank you for your cooperation.