Multiple Teams · 10/23 & 10/24 Football and Cheer Information (JV & V)

Tonight we are scheduled to play at 7 PM. The weather does not look good as it relates to lightning later this afternoon and this evening. The game could be delayed or postponed- we won’t know more until closer to game time. There will be shelter for the team and cheerleaders with in one of their buildings if this occurs.

The hope is that this will pass over and we will get the game in.

This will then allow for the 9 JV to play their Saturday morning game at Byers Field (9 AM)

Game Information for tonight:

All tickets online – NO ticket sales at the door.

COVID 19 Guidelines will be in place :
-Wear a Mask
-Socially Distance
-Sit with the people you rode to the game with

If there is a weather delay spectators will return to their vehicles.

There will be concessions & Restrooms on the home side.

Video Streaming will be through Boxcast – Link Below:

Our Back Up Plan is as follows…..

If we get postponed. We will travel back out to North Ridgeville at 10 AM (Our bus will leave at 8:15). This will be a 10 am varsity start.

We will then play one half of a 9/JV game following the varsity game (at North Ridgeville). No games at all at Byers on Saturday.

NR will NOT charge/ recharge admission on Saturday morning if the game is cancelled/ postponed tonight (But Guests per participant is still limited to two)