Academic eligibility requirements to play sports

In order to play a sport in the Parma City School District a student must comply with OHSAA guidelines as well as the district GPA requirements.

The district GPA requirements:

Freshman 1.0

Sophomore 1.25

Junior & Seniors 1.5

The OHSAA guidelines for athletic eligibility:

1. All high school students MUST be enrolled in and earn passing grades in a minimum of five one-credit courses (or the equivalent) each and every grading period to have continuing eligibility.

2. Participate in every effort to ensure that all students are fully scheduled in a minimum of five one-credit courses each grading period.

The required Physical Education Course is not a full credit course. Do not count this course as one of the five full credit courses. PE is a 1/4 credit course.

Eligibility is based on the previous marking period. For example for the fall season, eligibility is based of the 4th marking period grades from the prior year.