Academic eligibility requirements to play sports

In order to play a sport in the Parma City School District a student must comply with OHSAA guidelines as well as the district GPA requirements.

The PCSD GPA requirements:

Freshman 1.0

Sophomore 1.25

Junior & Seniors 1.5

The OHSAA guidelines for athletic eligibility:

1. All high school students MUST be enrolled in and earn passing grades in a minimum of five one-credit courses (or the equivalent) each and every grading period to have continuing eligibility.

2. Participate in every effort to ensure that all students are fully scheduled in a minimum of five one-credit courses each grading period.

The required Physical Education Course is not a full credit course. Do not count this course as one of the five full credit courses. PE is a 1/4 credit course.

Eligibility is based on the previous marking period. For example for the fall season, eligibility is based of the 4th marking period grades from the prior year and enrollment in the equivalent of five one-credit courses.